Days 67, 98, 69: Sketchbook Catchup


Untitled (2007)
postcard sunset view, doodled in my sketchbook for fun and played with in Paint Shop Pro.


Feet (2007) Pencil sketch


Study of my son (2007) Pencil sketch

There, we're all caught up. it's all quickie art, sketch book harvesting, but I wanted to get caught up, even if nobody reads this. Personal commitment and all that.

If you are trying to figure out your style, or where your style is going, draw. Draw what you see. Cartoon it, or draw from life. The first one up there is a cartoon sunset. the feet and the boy are drawn from life, but the boy is still a little stylized, a little not-true, just enough to be real at first glance.

That's my blather for the day.
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